Saturday morning, our team is grabbing brunch at Nickel Diner. We see the girls next to us wrap up their meal and all retreat to their phones to calculate their individual contribution, plus tax, plus tip, to the bill. We saw a social event pause for 5 minutes - because the logistics of Venmo aren't perfect. We want to make that process easier.

What it does

Pars streamlines splitting a bill. Using a photo of a receipt, tag people to the items they ate, add a tip, and charge everyone involved in splitting the bill in one go.

How I built it

We've got a wireframe drawn up in sketch, and an app is being hacked together in Swift. We're using the Venmo API to request charges.

Challenges I ran into

Venmo's friends list was tricky to access through their API. Turns out that Venmo can process charges to any phone number. Running through Annenberg last night, we found 3 people who didn't have Venmo on their phone - the problem we anticipated didn't exist. As a result, we're using each user's phone contacts to identify friends and charge requests to.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Pars

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