Our Aim

Increase public engagement with politics. Educate people about one part of our political system. Increase awareness of unpopular bills.

What it does

Lets users vote on bills which are passing through parliament. Lets users see how many people agree and disagree with bills.

How I built it

One part parliamentry data about bills passing through the House of Commons and House of Lords from data.parliament.uk into a mySQL server. Another

Challenges I ran into

The group had no knowledge of Amazon Web Services and so we had to learn how it works and how to use it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the product successfully and to a high standard. Being able to use Amazon Web Services efficiently and effectively communicating between our front and back end.

What I learned

We developed our technical skills in Amazon Web Services, PHP, HTML and mySQL

What's next for Parliament Bills Ratings

In the future we would like to implement a operation where if the bills recieved a high amount of no votes then a message will be sent to the sponsor in charge of the bill to request a response. We would also like to implement a commenting system on each of the bill pages to let users be able to voice their opinion on different bills.

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