Drivers spend on average 17 hours a year searching for parking in the United States The hunt adds up to an estimated $345 per driver in wasted time, fuel, and emissions, according to the analysis by INRIX, a leading specialist in connected car services and transportation analytics. Overpaying — caused by drivers' inability to estimate how long they need to park or forking over extra at a garage to avoid the risk of getting a parking ticket — costs Americans more than $20 billion a year Currently available services merely list public parking spaces available. Private parking spaces near venues are available but remain empty. A market does not exist for people to list valuable empty private parking spaces.

What it does

ParkX allows people and businesses to put up private garages, parking spaces, and lots up for people to park in for a per hour parking fee. This creates a new market for parking in many locations and near popular venues. Our app allows people to find these listed parking spaces and compare prices and distances from venues in order to find great parking and rent them for a short amount of time. This will decrease the overall price of parking for consumers as the supply of open parking spaces is increased and is beneficial to people and businesses with open parking spaces on their private properties as they earn passive income from letting people park.

How we built it

ParkX was first prototyped in Adobe Xd in order to streamline the workflow process. Our user data and parking locations are stored in MongoDB Atlas clusters hosted using Azure. We also utilize Google Autocomplete to allow the user to easily select a location. The app was developed using Java and XML in Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues passing the state of the application across multiple fragments of our app as well as getting the Google Autocomplete to work in the cleanest way with our app's flow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing a fully functioning app that allows users to earn passive income and find affordable parking. Enabling the creation of a new marketplace of private parking that helps alleviate the parking problem that is currently present.

What we learned

We learned more about Android's Fragment life cycle and how to pass in the states of multiple views across all the other views.

What's next for ParkX

For the future of ParkX, we plan on adding a live availability feature using sensors and a verification system for listers using their driver license. Incorporate app with airport garages with smart parking built-in already. We extend per-hour private parking for vehicles beyond cars (buses, trucks, etc). Implement authentication for listers using a driver license scanning system.

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