Residents in Boston now have access to a new parking app that will provide them with a street sweeping schedule as well as alert them to scheduled street sweeping taking place in their current parking location.

The app is basically a map with the highlighted streets. User may simply click on the street to view the street sweeping scheduled or they can see all the streets with the sweeping scheduled in the next 1, 2 or 3 days.

After they parked their vehicle on the specific street they will get alerted about street cleaning taking place at their parking location so they can move their vehicle and allow city public workers to sweep the street.

In addition based on crowd sourcing data the app shows user the free and soon-to-be free street parking spots in real time.

ParkWise automatically updates the status of parking spots for other users making it easier for nearby drivers to find an open parking space. When a driver approaches his vehicle, ParkWise alerts other drivers in the area about the soon-to-be open spot, and once they drive away, the spot will be marked as free.

According to recent surveys, about 30% of traffic in urban areas is created by drivers looking for parking. Not only does this waste driver’s time and creates traffic, but it is also a significant contributor to air pollution.

ParkWise aims to create drivers’ communities where neighbors share information about available street parking spots to save time and gas for everyone in the community.

Unlike other parking apps, ParkWise complies with city regulations and does not allow users to sell or hold their spot.

ParkWise currently covers most Boston neighborhoods including Somerville and Cambridge, and is available as a free download through the App Store and Google Play, or at

We use the street sweeping data set to update the street cleaning schedules as well as working on integration with public work permits data sets to provide users information about the events affecting parking (such as constructions, moving permits, festivals etc).

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