Getting to your destination and struggling to find an available parking space is a common inconvenience. In every neighborhood, there are countless houses with empty driveways. We took inspiration from Airbnb to create ParkMonkey, an app that provides a way to easily rent and host driveways.

What it does

ParkMonkey is a mobile app that allows users to find open driveways from hosts. Homeowners can also apply to list their unoccupied driveways from the app.

Business Viability

ParkMonkey is a unique solution to a common problem. Using ParkMonkey is a win-win for both consumers and hosts. Users can find a place to park for cheaper, while hosts can earn easy passive income with low management.

How we built it

The frontend of the application was built using react-native, and we used expo a developer tool to view and debug our code. The backend of the application was built using a Node.js web framework called Fastify with TypeScript. It exposes a standard REST API interface with which it could interact with the frontend, the mobile app. We are using CockroachDB for our database and Prisma as an ORM for the database.

Challenges we ran into

  • There were several screens components we had to create as we wanted to create a frictionless user experience
  • Creating responsive components in react-native
  • Prisma Migrate does not support CockroachDB, so the database schema has to be created separately.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to create a clean system to navigate between multiple screens
  • Creating a simplistic and elegant user inference
  • Implementing a map api with a search function

What we learned

  • Learning UI design with Figma
  • Valuable experience in the react-native framework
  • Using stack navigator
  • Working with a Swiper component
  • How to implement Google Maps API

What's next for ParkMonkey

  • Allow multiple users to park in a driveway (if there is space)
  • Add a list for saved destinations

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