Team: SyntaxError
Members: Adela Nodea | Bogdan-Ioan Neagu | Claudiu Codoban
Category: SmartCity
Table: 40


We're students. Many of us have cars and the campus is always full and it takes between 10 and 30 minutes to find a place where to park. So we thought: how about we make the parking places intelligent? Let them tell us where we have an empty place to park our cars. We don't need to lose precious time searching for an unoccupied slot

What it does

It tracks the parking lots for empty spaces and the user can use a mobile app to view and get directions to the nearest free slot. Convenient, isn't it?

What's more interesting is that everything is real-time. So if a slot gets occupied while we were heading towards it, we would immediately know though the mobile app.

There's always another problem: some parking places are always jammed, while others are always empty. Our solution might solve this too.

How we built it

We used open-source technologies and frameworks (and ones that are gradually becoming open-source): Google's Go for the web api and RaspberryPi software, Microsoft's C# and Xamarin for cross-platform mobile solutions, Signal R, and various electronic components used for proximity detection.

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