Being a citizen of Indore, lack of parking discipline among citizens was being felt as the major challenge touching everyday life. Another challenge was shortage of authorized and known parking spaces leading to traffic chaos specially in peak times and seasons, more so as the city scales up. Inspired by digital India initiatives including smart city, and a strong desire to solve this major problem, along with an effort to bring about parking discipline culture in the city led to this innovative solution.

What it does

The key focus of this solution is to empower city traffic department, parking site vendors and citizens to join hands for mutual benefit. ParkKing is a 360 degree parking solution offering each stakeholder with the desirable information and control. ParkKing offers app for citizen and parking site (for embedded device) and a management plus analytics console for the City Traffic Department.

Citizens can use ParkKing app to find and book an authorized parking on the go. They can report parking violations and get alerts for their violations before e-challan gets issued. Additionally, they can suggest a parking site and request to enable online booking for the same.

ParkKing awards citizens in a unique way with reward points and levels to promote parking discipline and use of authorized parking in the city. It offers a distinguished set of benefits and discounts to users on different levels. Rewards can be redeemed in various ways including parking charges payment.

How we built it

ParkKing consists of four main components:

  1. ParkKing Android app for Citizens: It helps citizens to find, book, avail and pay for parking online. Also, he can report and view his violations timely before an e-challan gets issued.
  2. ParkKing Android app for Parking Site: It would install in Android/Linux powered custom build device for scanning QR Code or RFID tag at parking entry and exit for safety and time recording for analytics and invoice generation.
  3. ParkKing Management Console (PHP based Web Application) for City Traffic Department: On login, traffic officer would be able to view and approve or reject submitted violations or suggested parkings. Further, analytics and reports can be checked for understanding parking patterns and violations within the city.
  4. ParkKing Gamification with Analytics Engine and Backend: We have a robust gamification engine to gamify users experience of the app, thereby motivating him to adapt parking discipline and spread among others.

Challenges we ran into

  1. How can we inculcate motivation in citizens to follow parking discipline through this solution
  2. Choosing the most appropriate way among various ways in which parking in/out and safety can be ensured at a parking site
  3. Resolving a unique slot number allotment for requested booking when bookings can be done online as well as on the spot

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Unique solution that brings all parking stakeholders on one platform to collectively achieve their targets.
  2. Distinguished philosophy and approach of motivating citizens to participate and foster culture of parking discipline in the city

What we learned

  1. Gamification - applying for social product to be used by mass
  2. Parking dynamics and market analysis
  3. Automation of parking workflow to empower hassle-free parking with no manual intervention

What's next for ParkKing

  1. Beta launch in Indore Smart City
  2. Add suggest a parking feature, and supporting book parking online by finalising and adding the embedded hardware
  3. Add advance tools and solution for parking site device communication with citizen app for zero-manual interaction entry and exit from parking
  4. Make the system work as complimentary tool over pre-existing parking management system and no system respectively for selected sites
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