Long waits in toll booth are the most irritating thing that one can face while driving. Long queues and rummaging for change may easily sour one's sweet driving experience.

What it does

Our app focuses on eliminating these challenges via push payments at the predefined toll booth making them self serviceable resulting in a hassle free automated solution to the toll problem. We

How we built it

We used card to card push payment using Two Way SSL Authentication for a hassle free payment. We used Google Cloud Messaging server to send push messages of successful transaction to toll plaza and upstream message from toll plaza to send the QR Code to the client. We crawled web using python to collect toll data. Platform is Android

Challenges we ran into

Sending Upstream messages;Time;Integration of Various Modules

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We collected proper and full data from Web using a self built automated script. We remove the use of cash from the whole ecosystem to make the payment transparent to the financial authorities.

What we learned

Lots of Android Classes and APIs

What's next for ParkIt

The generality of the solution can make it viable for parking problem as well and the destination data can be used to make recommendation to the user about restaurants and events using social media analytics and other publicly available api's.

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