Parkinson's Disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. Victims of such disease need to constantly visit their pharmacist and take various diagnostic tests after they're confirmed to have Parkinson's Disease.

This is inconvenient and time consuming for both patient and practitioner.


We decided to build a web app that allows victims to do their diagnostic tests online and send the data to their pharmacist, saving time for both the victim and the partitioner.

How It Was Built

The app was first developed with Onsen UI into a mobile web application, then wrapped in a webview and bundled into an APK.

Market Opportunity

This app would greatly assist the over 60 thousand patients diagnosed each year in the in the US alone and their practioners in their battle against Parkinsons. ( In the future, this app could be developed into a portal,in which victims and practicioners can track their progress and see improvements. Practitioners could also instruct patients on when to take the drug and how much, and victims with this app would have the option to set notifications when it was time to administer treatment.

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