If outdoor surface parking lots in Los Angeles are repurposed for events such as flea markets and farmer's markets or any event where people gather, then parking for this event must be identified for the drivers.

Customers will be driving there; they may want to know where to park and how much it will cost before getting there. They will want to know if there's validated parking - discounted parking for people who spend money at the venue.

ParkinLA can display "remote" validated parking and "at location" validated parking options for the event venue (the repurposed surface lot). It can tell drivers:

  1. Whether the event venue itself will have parking or whether they have to drive to a remote lot. For remote parking lots, it shows the location and address of parking lot.
  2. How much parking will cost for how long.
  3. Terms of receiving validation (e.g. "minimum purchase of $10 required").

The General Problem with Finding Parking:

Finding garage and street parking in urban areas can be challenging because you don't know how much parking will cost by just looking at the signs outside the parking lot/garage. You have to read meter details and street signs to see if you can actually park at a street parking spot.

Providing drivers with garage and street parking information before they arrive at their final destination and giving drivers the choice of going to the cheapest garage can be valuable. Accounting for restricted street parking due to commercial vehicle only, tow away or street cleaning will help users identify streets that are actually "parkable" during their desired time.

The Target User:

The target user is anyone coming for a visit for a business meeting or a date; or a tourist who doesn't know the area at all. These users are usually not locked into a monthly parking contract.

Key Differentiating Features:

  1. We recognize events that may surge street parking and garage parking prices high and display event prices when events are nearby.
  2. We recognize destinations such as restaurants that have valet parking or validated parking.
  3. We have granular meter level parking level information that can identify which commercial meters are now available for regular passenger vehicles.
  4. We have tow away, street cleaning, and residential parking restriction data. We won't tell you to park on the street if your desired time will overlap with tow away, street cleaning, or extend longer than allowed.


I would like to get GPS information from car and feed parking information into the car's navigation app. I would like to provide the in dashboard navigation app with garage parking and street parking prices and location to the navigation app using the GPS data from Open XC. I would like to have the navigation app show the lines and locations that are currently shown on the web application.

Notes: The current desktop/tablet website is supposed to be used BEFORE getting in the car.

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