Welcome to Park N' Go! Our Qhacks 2019 prototype that's going to revolutionize the way we park our cars!

The platform caters to two types of users:

People with free parking space, and people who hate having to deal with trying to find a parking spot(everyone).

Parking space hosts can purchase our sensors and set it up in their parking location and make money by renting out space whenever they would like. Drivers can use the platform to find available parking spots nearby. The drivers can simply Park 'N' Go on with their day. Once the car is taken out of the parking lot, the driver is charged:

Price = (total time parked)*(price rate)

The payment happens autonomously and the drivers would not have to involve themselves with the payment process, allowing themselves to more time in their day not dealing with frustration.

Our parking platform seeks to address the deficiencies and delays in the infrastructure of parking occupancy. We envision a future where our cars will drop us off at work and go find a parking spot on its own. This is only possible by progressing towards an IOT enabled world powered by big data.

The platform was built by using Arduino/Genuino 101 with IR break view sensors to detect if a car was parked, and a Python script that pushes Arduino serial output to Standard Library which also powers our website built on HTML, CSS/Bootstrap and JavaScript.

To improve our platform, we plan to use RFID to identify cars, cameras for security measures, and dynamic pricing functionality to increase price rates when parking spaces are in demand.

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