Having to circle around parking lots for an extensive amount of time.

What it does

Provides students with the ability to quickly locate available parking.

How we built it

Simulated Amazon Alexa on a raspberry pi and utilized Voiceflow along with an API to update the status of a parking spot. The parking spot was represented by using a switch on a breadboard connected to GPIO pins on the raspberry pi.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing a new tool (Voiceflow) was challenging as we had to learn both the syntax and implementation of our API with Voiceflow

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Communicating a hardware switch with an API and implementing the API to Amazon Alexa with the tools Voiceflow provided.

What we learned

Basics of APIs, GPIO python programming, converting raspberry pi into other usable devices.

What's next for parkingPI

Potential to present the project to UTA board as a cheap solution to parking data.

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