Let's get real. Have you ever been frustrated at finding parkings when you drive downtown or down to an important event? Were you ever late to see your other half by a few minutes because all the parking were taken? Have you ever question how many gas your car is leaking to hurt the planet just to try to find a simple parking? This application targets the inner frustration that we all went through during the holidays or blackfridays and will help you secure your shopping spree without losing time driving your car around. Wows! Just winning points :) .

What it does

This application has the purpose to help each other finding parkings. Why would we help each other? Because the user win points and also help other people get less frustrated during their days :) The user start by logging in and they will be greeted with a map that contains many parking location's availability. All locations start at grey when there is no information about the parking location. When a user click on the grey location, they have the choice to either say : "There is someone already" or " It is currently available". When the user click on green, they have the choice to say : "I will park here". Depending on the circumstances, it will change the color accordingly. Every time the user interacts with the application efficiently, they will be given points which will allow them to buy stuff later. Grey if the location has not been identified yet. Green if there is no one. Red if a person is already there.

How we built it

We used Kotlin for the android mobile and NodeJS for the backend. As for the cloud, we are hosting the backend on Heroku which use the add-on of MariaDB for the database.

Challenges we ran into

We hit many pitfalls during the development. For starter, we just started to learn kotlin so we were quite disoriented for a while due to communication with the backend. The deployment also had its fair share of problem because we were supose to deploy on Google cloud but there was alot of issues with IAM services which did not allow us to deploy the backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud that we could bring our application alive with its main functionality which is to allow user to pinpoint available parking locations. Our goal for this hackathon was to help the society and bring them together. Who wouldn't love a person helping them to find parking? Saving tons of gas and romantic time with your beloved or your shopping spree.

What we learned

We became more comfortable with Kotlin and Android studio. We also learn how heroku deployment work with add-ons. We learned well during this hackathon how the flow of data goes from the database to the mobile.

What's next for ParkingFinder

This application is but a simple boilerplate that could hold so many big ideas. The application could use real time identification with machine learning to identify the claim of an available parking spot. It should also how the possibility to send a comment with the picture the user send to make sure the person who park is aware of an unprecedented situation.

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