It was my personal story. I was so excited the fact that BitcoinSV has unlimited size cheap transaction. I went to shopping mall and think about another project (notary document sharing on BSV). When it was time to leave it, the queue for ticket machine was long, and it takes around 8 minutes for payment. The idea came to my mind and I developed it.

What it does

It provides a system for global parking. Current parking payments consumes a lot of time and not convinient.

With parking SV:

  • Users could have one wallet for parking working worldwide
  • Spend 100x time less for payments
  • Control their spending
  • Parking owners could simply integrate Parking SV to their existing systems

How I built it

It was extremely interesting journey, I developed Bitcoin smartcontract from scratch and I was so impresses how fast it could work!

Bitcoin SV is reliable technology for disrupting parking parking payments market by eliminating parking data silos. When all parking payments data could be gathered in one place, it would

Challenges I ran into

It was my first experience of developing smartcontarcts for Bitcoin, but I like it.

Scrypt is interesting language, however there is a lack of information on stackoverflow. I had to make a lot of experiments to run smartcontract. The next challenge is to run scryptlib and bsv on mobile (React natve doesn't support nodejs library such as crypto, Buffer).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I show this POC for some friends, and they were so inspired with idea. We are going to find a parking owner who would be ready to test this system in premises.

What I learned

Bitcoin development from zero to hero, low level bitcoin data structures.

What's next for Parking SV

Testing in real life with real customers and customer development process with parking owners

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