Neither of us had much experience with react-native but we wanted to try out this new framework and create something interesting with it. We thought of how many people forget where they parked and thought maybe we could create a simple app to help them.

What it does

This app saves the users current location and allows them to write some notes about the location. Then it saves the data locally so the user can go back and revisit the locations they saved.

How we built it

We first tracked the users location using expo's google maps api package. Then we created a page for the user to write notes about the location they pinned. We read through a lot of documentation and much of the process was trial and error.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the data to persist locally on the phone using asynchronous storage was really difficult because we had a really hard time understanding promises and retrieving saved data because not all the data would arrive at once.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we managed to create a working react-native app that is somewhat helpful.

What we learned

What promises do React-native and its intricacies How to work with collaborators using Git How to work with asynchronous storage Experience with mobile UI/UX

What's next for Parking Spot

This project gave us experience to pursue other mobile app ideas.

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