having to drive around a parking structure just to find that one empty space that was on the top floor or not finding one when you have driven to the top floor of the structure (or bottom depending on location). Now more than ever especially with autonomous cars being introduced we need a way to keep track of empty stalls inside of parking structures which will be easily available to everyone. This program will do just that!

What it does

This program keeps track of how many stalls are available in an empty parking structure. Using this information as the day progresses (people leaving and entering the structure) the program will keep track of the empty spots in each floor and transmit it to the drivers looking for a stall

How we built it

We used a raspberry pi and a camera to take screenshots, the screenshots are then checked to see if the bottom or top plane is broken by a different object which in our example is a toy robot, but in real world applications it will be the car.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a couple of challenges at the start especially with setting up the camera with the raspberry PI, This was our first use of a PI and had no prior knowledge of how to use it or how to install the camera so it was trouble setting it up. Also when checking to see if there was a change in pixel colors we had to run tests to determine the margin of change that we will allow in the pixel change to account for objects of similar color to the ground.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of how much we were able to accomplish in a short window of time, and honestly we are proud that we have something working that we can present

What we learned

We learned how to configure some parts of the raspberry PI and the PI camera. We also learned some basics in image manipulation.

What's next for Parking Space Tracker

We plan to set up a mobile app with an improved interface and see if we can improve the tracking software to ensure there are no miscounts in vehicles

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