The idea came from the ubiquity of similar apps for planes and trains. We thought that, just like how you book seats on those, you could book spaces in a car park. An ideal case for this would be a university open day. With so many people coming, parking would normally be hectic. Now, the people to book in advance, which would save the person the stress of finding a space and would reduce the traffic caused drivers looking for spaces of not there.

What it does

The site asks the user for their mobile and, once verified by text, they can pick a location and time (given there are enough spaces). 10 minutes before the time, they will be texted a reminder about their space. Currently, this is only available for some car parks in the university. By using firebase, it is easy to add car parks and spaces. Parking spaces can have any location, such as a floor in a car park, a street name or an address. This means it can be applied to any parking situation.

How we built it

The website was written with HTML and javascript. Firebase was used for the database and Twilio was used to send messages.

Challenges we ran into

It was hard to test and debug using firebase as it took a while to upload the functions to the server. Most of the team was unfamiliar with html and css so it took a while to learn the skills needed, but it worked out in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning HTML and CSS in a short space of time.

What we learned

Most of the team had little to no experience with javascript and HTML before starting. Going from that to a complete project meant learning a lot.

What's next for Parking Space Booking

We want to expand the capability of the time booking, allowing the user to book in advance and on repeat. This would mean that people that need to park there every day could be ready in advance. There is also a government database that lists all the parking spaces. An obvious next step would see this be usable across the UK.

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