In this modern age, if you want to go to a popular point of attraction, then you know there’s going to be like 10,000 people there before you and even if it’s possible to go where you need you have to consider all the possible factors you have to face during the process like the most important of them. All is when you go inside the place you need to find a place to park your vehicle which leads to loss of a lot of time. So this is the reason why I chose this topic for the project.

What it does

So basically what is the project does is that before you go into a please like we place a digital screen to intimate the the customers who enter the landmark by telling them where there is an empty space to park. After after displays the proposed location, the owner, the owner of the vehicle can parked without any stress

What's next for Parking slot detection software

You’re planning to make this of a more accessible and more advanced so that it could be used in a lot of places right now the only use of this software we kept in mind is for The Mall parking floors so in the future we would like to implement implement the project on theme parks, movie, theatres et cetera

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