Many of us use a mapping service like Google Maps to get directions and plan out routes for daily trips. In this current process, no thought is ever given to the parking aspects of our trips. We just plan and hope that there will be parking spots available where ever our destination is.

This leads to the common problem of trying to go to a popular destination, like downtown on a Saturday night for a movie date with your girlfriend, arriving there and subsequently finding no parking spots.

Parking Predictor is a chrome extension & web application that prompts you to consider, amongst all the other things, the availability of parking when planning out trips to destinations.

Parking Predictor will determine how likely you are to find parking where ever your destination is and advise you on what actions to take. For example, if Parking Predictor deems you are "very unlikely to find parking" it will suggest other alternative modes of transportation to take that same day that don't require parking. Or it will give you a suggestion of a better time and day to visit that particular location.

In this app the algorithm takes into account several factors such as time of day, weekday, popularity of the destination, and season. All those variables are factored in determine how likely you are to get a parking spot.

Parking Predictor aims to make parking in major cities:

  1. Less demanding

    • it is a goal to provide users with the next best alternative form of transportation that doesn't require parking
  2. More usable

    • users will prioritize parking in their daily trip planning and avoid driving to destinations with low parking availability

Parking Predictor - Your crystal ball guide into the availability of parking where ever your destination is....So that you can know before you go.

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