Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you spend hours finding the correct spot to park your car? Do you ever feel that your parking spot is way too far from your destination? Don't you think it would be very convenient if your car could assist you with where to park? If your answer is yes, you would know the inspiration behind our app.

What it does

Park Me is an in-vehicle dashboard application that suggests you with nearby open places to park your car. The suggestions are divided among three zones: green, yellow and red. Places in the green zone are the most suitable places to park, while red being the least.

How we built it

The basic idea behind the app is to get the relevant information about the parking areas using the General Electronics's smart city restful web API and render the results on the application built using software development kit provided by General Motors for cars. We developed our own restful web API that consumed data from GE's API and transformed it according to our application which was eventually consumed by in-vehicle dashboard application.

Challenges we ran into

This is where we fumbled upon: 1) Installing the General Motors NGI-SDK and emulator. SDK was fine, however, getting the emulator to work was a nightmare. 2) There was a lot of data available through General Electronics's smart city restful web API. One of the most challenging tasks was to formulate a way to use the data effectively so as to get information about the parking zones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the end, it was an amazing experience and we learned a lot. We were able to stick to our goals even after some fumbles. If we would have to point one of the many accomplishments, it would definitely be the success with GM's dashboard application's emulator.

What we learned

We learned a lot about General Motor's Next Generation Integration software development kit for the dashboard applications. It was a great learning curve working with General Electronics Restful web API which focused on providing a lot of data coming from the sensors which are installed all around the cities. We also got good experience working with the latest technology stack that includes node.js.

What's next for Park Me

We would like to add more features in our app in the future. For instance, any specific information regarding disabled parking spots would be helpful. Information about the fairs for parking would also be a good addition to this application.

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