{Parking Lot 2.0}

Our solution at its essence is very simple and it is aimed to address the 'Provision for Peak' conditions prevalent in parking today. It reflects the following beliefs:

  1. 'Performance pricing' for parking is effective in reducing 'cruising' which in and of itself, contributes to 30% of traffic, not to mention the wasted time, fuel and the risk of higher accidents. Additionally, it helps achieve a more uniform 'fill pattern' for lots and is able to accommodate all cars in the most efficient manner, especially in peak usage areas and times.

  2. In non-peak time periods, Parking spaces can be used effectively as Multi-use spaces by applying just a few simple repurposing steps. This in turn, opens up traditional Parking lots to a host of other public facing applications – thereby upgrading them to civic spaces and higher-order revenue generation.

  3. Unlike dedicated Parks with its portions of green space hidden deep inside the park,the systematic, growing network of linear urban forests creates a maximum number of green interfaces directly to the urban fabric, stretching nature into the heart of the city. Parking Lots are prime candidates for such selective foresting, increasing the biodiversity of the urban environment and efficiently handling heat island, erosion and runoff issues that are so prevalent today in traditional lots.

As an example, the following are some activities, broken out by categories, that we envision easily being hosted on lots on evenings and weekends – depending on activity and lot size:

  1. Entertainment Venues

    • Drive-in Theaters
    • Light & Sound show
    • Outdoor Shows & concerts
  2. Food & Dining

    • Farmers Markets
    • Food Trucks
    • Outdoor food festival
    • Popup Al fresco restaurants
  3. Fitness & Activities

    • Basketball Hoops
    • Tennis Courts
    • Pickleball Courts
    • Paintball / Airsoft courses
    • Skateboard Park
    • Speed walking / running tracks
    • Drivers ed – Bikes & Cars
  4. Public Thoroughfares

    • Walkways
    • Cycling lanes
    • Alleys
  5. Urban Camping

    • Camp under the stars
    • RVs
  6. Art & Culture

    • Popup Exhibitions
    • Art Exhibits / Urban drawing courses
    • Petting Zoos

Deriving the above applications requires very few repurposements to existing lots to enhance them with these representative capabilities:

  • AV installation
  • Restrooms
  • Storage
  • Reinforced Turf Surfaces
  • Lamp posts reinforced with hooks
  • Flexible Parking Stops
  • Anti-Fatigue Walkways

Having reimagined Parking Lots through the above lenses, we present screenshots from our Parking Lot 2.0 app that highlights 3 core scenarios:

  1. Scenario A: The flow of a 'performance based payment' parking system that helps drivers find the ideal parking spot for their destination based on prevalent occupancy and pricing conditions. It also handles the intermediate pedestrian navigation between the parking spot and the final destination.

  2. Scenario B: Evening and weekend (Non-Peak) use of lots as Multi-use spaces. This scenario showcases a flow where a user is able to find activities happening around her and is able to reserve/RSVP for various events and add them to her calendar. Since lots are essentially outdoor spaces, it includes other pertinent factors of context like the prevailing or anticipated weather for the corresponding event window.

  3. Scenario C: This flow handles a scenario where a user/group is able to reserve a lot for their own activities. It handles the varying lot sizes and the various capabilities incorporated into the lots. This feature will ensure that there is an easy and open system for reserving lots and thus, will ensure an active usage model.

Please see http://fordinnovate.com/parking for additional details and a detailed break-down of the above scenarios.

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