BestParking takes the hassle out of finding parking in Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn via, our iPhone app, and our Android App. Over 100,000 New Yorkers rely on BestParking each month. Our service and apps are 100% free.   Input your arrival and departure times to view an interactive map of:   (a) Free, metered, and prohibited on-street parking for your precise stay, represented by green, blue, and red lines respectively.   (b) The entrance location and calculated price of every off-street parking garage and lot. Reservations are available at over 30% of facilities and BestParking has partnerships with over 50% of New York's parking operators.   Please see our 2-minute video demonstration at   With respect to streets, BestParking utilized the Department of Transportation’s Parking Regulations (locations and signs files) raw dataset. We believe that our implementation is more useful than the lookup table currently offered by the DOT ( We launched our on-street implementation in January, 2011, in time for the NYC BigApps 2.0 competition.   With respect to garages and lots, BestParking collects data from ALL facilities via semi-annual manual visits by our rate collectors. This information is then entered into a database that drives a 100% accurate calculation engine. BestParking also enables motorists to print guaranteed rates, free reservations, and discount coupons at over 50% of facilities (our "Parking Partners," from whom BestParking earns advertising revenue). Although BestParking would have preferred to base this aspect of its service on the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Parking Facilities raw dataset, regrettably the Department of Consumer Affairs neither provides a dataset of rate sheets nor maintains its hardcopy versions in a sufficiently accessible manner to meet the needs of BestParking or its users. Previously, during the development of BestParking in 2007, and to solicit New York City’s support, BestParking had offered both the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Department of City Planning (which publishes a “Parking Facilities” map at a royalty-free license to BestParking’s database and user interface. Both agencies declined this offer. Given that both Google and Microsoft currently use BestParking’s XML feed and API, BestParking would like to use its entry in NYC BigApps 2.0 as an opportunity to renew its offer to New York City for royalty-free access to BestParking’s API.  

[Note: Although BestParking also publishes a mobile website for mobile browsers and a BlackBerry Storm application, those applications do not include the Parking Regulations raw dataset used for the competition, and are thus excluded from this competition and this description.]

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