The traffic, congestion, time-consumptions, and hectic life in megacities to find a parking slot for their cars is very difficult.

What it does

Parking Assistant using OpenCV which helps in detecting the Parking Slots when required as per user’s request. It is highly accurate and sends an instant notification to the user which uses Twilio to send the message (DM) instantly.

How I built it

Using Python, MaskRCNN, OpenCV, and Twilio (to send messages)

Challenges I ran into

Training the model Specifically finding the Cars Checking for the Space Available Sending Message to the User

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Achieved my goal and project submitted on time that I was scared of.

What I've learned

  • Lots of work to do solely, the requirement of a team, time management, and finally meaning of the word Hackathon.*

What's next for Parking Assistant using OpenCV

Real-Life implementation of the use case, tune the model more, making it scalable, making it work at the nights as well.

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