Released a problem and create a concept to change behavior. To save the environment, build new generation awareness and change bad habits.

What it does

Interactive way with smart trash to reward fun system.

How we built it

Mobile Application (locate, points calculation, rewards....) Community (Gamification and interact with people...) Motivation (Activities and inspiration...) Scanner and sensortag Hardware to measure the wight of littering and verifying the material. Partnership relations.

Challenges we ran into

Awareness campaign (advertising, videos, banners.....) Interactive gamification of sustainability behaviour.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Hardware installation and prototype of Mobile App Full identity of our brand and documentary video

What we learned

NFC demonstration ARDUINO technology Types of recycling material Teamwork and soft skills

What's next for Purification.

Implement the smart trash in smart cities and customized cars to pick up all the garbages. Application works for 2 system (android and IOS). Customize a character for each trash category


Recycle material Sponsoring Date sharing

Built With

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