Inspired by the goDetroit challenge, we wanted to create a app which would incentivize people to do more car sharing, which leads to means fewer cars, less traffic and more parking spots.

People, who carpool are allowed to park in dedicated GREEN parking spots on the street, which the city of Detroit provides.

What it does

The App monitors the car sharing process. It reduces potential fraud, by monitoring the pick-up, passengers and keeps track of parking permits.

How it works (please also see according screenshots):

  • Drivers creates a ride and receive their driver code.
  • Each passenger joining him enters the driver's code when entering the car.
  • The app sends both to the Database including the location and the deviceID to identify the user (no log-in).
  • Once they reach the parking spot, everyone's location is checked once again: - If the minimum distance (pick-up to destination) is reached, it's eligable for ParkGreen
  • The driver enters his license plate number and the number of the parking spot.
  • The parking spot, the license plate number, and the time they are allowed to stay saved to a database. So the person controlling the parking spots can access the data and verify if a car is allowed to stay there (database only)

How we built it

As we were new to Android, we started with the Android-Studio, integrated geolocation and a basic database communication. As server we used the LINODE web server with mySQL.

Challenges we ran into

Different SDK + general starter problems with Android

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app is running!

What we learned

Android development.

What's next for ParkGreen - Encouraging Detroit to Carpool

  • Make a (political) feasibility check for the change of dedicated parking spots.
  • Develop app for easier access of the data to control the parking permit (person controlling the parking spots)

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