We want to help the environment and we took the motto of Transport + Energy seriously. We believe in solutions that are available for all cities to become smart cities. Over 30% of the CO2 emissions in cities are due to drivers that are just looking for parking spots. If we could help them, the driving would reduce dramatically, releasing less Carbon Dioxide and clearing up the roads from parking spot hunters.

What it does

We built a platform based on IoT (Internet of Things) where we use sensors available in the current generation of cars to detect nearby parking spots. The combination from input from all of these sensors is parsed in the cloud and retrieved to a consumer app that helps the driver find a parking spot around, or even drive closer to a street where he is likely to find parking.

How we built it

We integrated NOKIA HERE's API into an iOS app, using also some web parts to override certain problems with the integration. Since we couldn't have data from real cars we simulated the amount of parking spots available in a certain area, and looked for streets nearby the destination that would have more parking spots. We displayed the results in a familiar, intuitive interface that anyone can use, and tried to make the user conscious about time saving, but also the environment impact driving has.

Challenges we ran into

Some integrations were quite painful, and we didn't have much support. Also we had a second stage where we would integrate AIRBUS's API into a B2B Analytics app, but the lack of time didn't allow us to do it in the product. Also we wouldn't have had much time on the demo to show it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building such a complex concept and being able to explain it with a consumer app, when actually the project is super big and would really need much more time. Also we created a super democratic solution that doesn't require infrastructure or that isn't just valid for big rich cities.

What we learned

We did a ton of research on the matter of sensors, current generation of cars, internet of things, combination of different services, etc.

What's next for ParkCloud

Finishing the integration with AIRBUS's satellite images, so we can provide smart data for city growth and planning. Also we'd like to impact on pricing on parking spots, we believe by making the busy areas more expensive and the clearer areas cheaper, we can create a behaviour change and have more even parking zones.

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