We were inspired to make an application to find better parking when we arrived at the Hamilton Public Library. When I finally arrived I had to spend about 5 minutes driving around to find parking. This small yet easily avoidable inconvenience inspired us to face this issue that many people face when coming to a new city, finding a place to park.

What it does

Parkcision uses google api and Hamilton data to find the nearest parking lots to your desired destination. It's as simple as typing in the address and we do the rest. This will help people quickly find where they need to go and prevent people from having to walk long distances to go between their destination and parking spot.

How we built it

The core function of finding the nearby parking lots to the destination is done by the google maps api that we incorporated into our application. We aimed to make the application as user friendly as possible so that it would be usable by a wide variety of people. We used an auto fill search bar and a visual map of where the parking locations are along with their names. This will make it simpler for people to know where they're going and what the parking lot is called so they can find it after they've parked.

Challenges we ran into

We initially wanted to add a feature that would enable you to get directions to your selected parking lot, but we could not manage to make it work for the final application. Another challenge we initially struggled to overcome was the odd positions of the sections of our application. We had trouble formatting it but eventually we managed to find our errors and were very happy with the look of our final product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Two members of our three member group had little to no experience with any coding software before today and came just to have fun and learn. Through the Hackathon they learnt the basics of html5 and css and were able to design a functioning and aesthetically pleasing design. We are proud that we managed to create a functioning and useful application in a single day.

What we learned

One of the most important skills we learnt through this experience is troubleshooting methods with code. There were many errors that occurred while trying to make our application work, but through hard work and determination we were able to combat majority of them. We also learnt the basics of some coding languages like html5 and css. Overall it was a good experience and we look to further pursue coding in the future.

What's next for Parkcision

The next steps that we're looking to implement are a partnership with the city of Hamilton and adding sensors to parking meters around the city. These sensors would help us add not only parking lots but also street side parking to our application. This would greatly improve the benefits of the app as well as the sensors could be used to keep track of late fines, unpaid meters and help the city of Hamilton improve its parking. We also would like to turn Parkcision into a mobile app to increase ease of consumer access.

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