When you park (and pay your meter), like most people, you always have to look for the parking signage and then try to determine if you can park there legally with all the multiple signs. We wanted an app that would tell you if you can legally park your car at that particular location.

What?!? It'll really do that for me? Tell me more...

How it works

  • Find parking
  • Open ParkCarma
  • If the user can't park there, an orange screen with a countdown timer will be displayed letting the user know when he/she can park there legally
  • Otherwise, the user will see a blue screen with a countdown timer displaying how long he/she can park there. The user then clicks the "Claim Carma" button and then moves the location pin to show where he/she parked.

Challenges we ran into

  • Trying to keep the final product to an MVP
  • Street signage data was available but we had to still postprocess the data to make it useable
  • Developers need sleep badly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The solution is very scalable with minimal seeding of the data. Lucky to be part of a team that executed very well.

What we learned

  • There are no original ideas anymore
  • Sleep is very, very good
  • How to use pyparsing
  • Ionic and YeoMan sucks!
  • Sometimes, you just want to make a button

What's next for ParkCarma

  • Adding paid metering information and timers
  • Have additional screens where a user can get more "Carma" by providing more community parking data such as meter information, stall ratings, etc.
  • Use accelerometer data/Vinli devices to better determine when user has left parking spot

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