Have you ever been tired of searching for parkings within city of Melbourne? Have you ever wasted your time walking all the way to find your nearest parking machine then figure out you have to put tickets back in your car? Well, we are here for help. I am Nan, the founder of ParkCar Chill. We are helping the drivers to potentially book and secure the on-street parking spots in advance and settle the payment online.

What it does

Firstly, ParkCar Chill can help drivers check the real-time availability of the closest on-street parking spots and find the optimal way to be navigated to their destination once they set it through text or voice recognition button.

Secondly, Drivers don’t need to get our of their car to search for Pay station to pay for parking fees that all the payment will be deducted automatically online. All they need to do is just to top up their balance.

Thirdly, we have fantastic parking expiry alert system to remind drivers in order to avoid unnecessary parking fines. In the other hand, it gonna help government decrease the human cost of hiring fines instructors as all the fine information can be accessed online provided by our technologies. Moreover, it will contribute to a smarter city as the traffic in the city can be possibly decreased once most of the drivers can find their parkings quickly.

How we built it

We use React for Front End with Google Cloud Platform's APIs. Backend is with AWS services to form a serverless architecture.

Challenges we ran into

Technically, we can help drivers book their parking spots online. But in reality, it might not gonna work well as there are so many scenarios in the real traffic settings. For example, what if the drivers who booked the on-street parking spot on our app won’t show up? How would we gonna really help the drivers secure the parking just only by clicking on the button? Are we allowed to block the parking spots as they are the public properties of city of Melbourne? How are we gonna balance their interests well between different stakeholders?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully managed to created the prototype and it’s functional. With our current web app, we can help the drivers nevigate the optimal way to the closest parking spot and count the parking time. Moreover, we have been through the user journey map as well for different testing and scenarios.

What we learned

React and React Google Map, AWS Amazon API, AWS Lambda

What's next for ParkCar Chill

Test it in the real world and improve it and compare it with our competitors.

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