Parking in New York City is a challenge. According to a recent study, approximately 30% of cars maneuvering through the streets of Manhattan are searching for a parking spot. The result is congestion that slows public transportation to a crawl and adds significantly to the toxic burden cities must withstand. In fact, in a single year, in only a 15-block area, there are over 300,000 additional vehicle miles traveled and 325 tons of carbon dioxide emitted into the air by cars looking for that elusive parking spot. For those unwilling to follow the fellow with keys dangling from his hand or speed through a yellow light towards the fresh exhaust seen two blocks ahead, there is ParkAlly. At ParkAlly, the mechanism by which people search for available spots is simplified and the long entrenched inconveniences of parking in a populated area are removed.

ParkAlly uses the single most effective incentive to make parking easy; those willing to invest a small amount of time to coordinate a trade of a parking space will be paid for their effort. For those wishing to find a spot, a small payment can guarantee a quick and efficient trade that will save time, money and stress. Capitalism works.

ParkAlly is your parking solution. Not only will it prevent a towing by reminding you to move your vehicle before a street cleaning, but it also enables people to exchange their parking spots with one another. An individual can list their parking spot, the time that they intend to leave and the price they would require for devoting their time to accommodate another individual’s needs. Then, an individual in search of a spot can find it at the location, time, and price they desire.

A chat is opened and the rest is history. People can pay either through cash or the secure payment method of Paypal.

ParkAlly will: -reduce carbon emissions -decrease congestion -increase efficiency of public transportation

But most importantly, those in need of a spot can find one without searching aimlessly for an extended period of time and those who have a spot, can help out a fellow New Yorker while putting some money in their pocket.

In addition, a temporal component to advertising is made possible. Users can receive relevant coupons and information based on their location and the time of their arrival, which makes finding deals in Manhattan easy.

Benefits: -Improve the quality of life in New York -Get spots at your desired location -Schedule a day with far more precision -Reduce parking tickets and improve the efficacy of street cleaning -Reduce congestion and thereby reduce travel time within the city -Reduce the number of cars cruising in search of parking and thereby reduce air pollution and all the immediate medical sequelae (such as asthma attacks, worsening COPD, allergies, hospital visits, etc.) and long term secondary adverse effects -Improve the flow of pedestrians and commuters allowing businesses to be seen by more unique potential customers -Frees police and traffic enforcement personnel to be utilized more effectively

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