Downtown Boston’s BS parking situation.

  1. Very high public parking prices.
  2. A huge concern for daily commuters.
  3. No existing platform to leverage a free home-owned parking spot, to earn money for the spot when vacant.

What it does

Our web application offers a platform for users to connect with each other and crowdsource parking solutions and provide a cheaper and more convenient alternative to parking.

  1. Users can either lend parking spots for a user-defined fee, and users can rent available parking spots through the app.
  2. Users in need for a parking spot can filter by location, date range, timings, and prices to match oneself with the desired available parking spot and make a booking through an online transaction.
  3. Lenders can put up their home-owned parking spots up for grab for a desired location and price and earn money

How we built it

Front-end in HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery, Geocoding API Back-end in Node.js with a MongoDB database, hosted on mLab

Challenges we ran into

Making the front-end interactive with’s API. Finding good wifi & sneaking into the Engineering building. Bringing food over in the cold weather, consequently ordering Blaze Pizza.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

The entire project; how polished, practical and functional it is.

What we learned

How to use MongoDB

What's next for Park n Go

  1. A user-friendly mobile application deployed on iOS and Android platforms
  2. A review and rating system generated by acquiring reviews by spot renters for each park spot they booked and use, in order to have a competitive and transparent environment for renters and lenders.
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