Never being able to find an active parking spot in a busy city has always been a dilemma for most people.

What it does

Our solution allows drivers within New York city to find an active parking spot that is within 1 mile of the radius from their current location.

How we built it

Our solution uses Google Cloud database- Firebase as it's data storage and AngularJs and Node.js for the back-end and front-end (solution) integration frameworks.

Challenges we ran into

My team faced difficulty while simulating queries for locations in the NYC. Using AngularJs as a front-end web framework was a challenge in itself as it is a fairly new framework and none of the team members had a greater exposure working with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing solution for a problem that we are passionate to solve within a time and resource constrained environment has brought a great sense of achievement within our team.

What we learned

We learned that it is important to brainstorm ideas at first, prioritize time, divide roles in accordance to skill levels, and not to be afraid to pivot if an ideation doesn't seem to work. We leaned usability of cloud-based platform and also learned Angular framework.

What's next for Valet Yourself

  • Have real-time updates on the solution so that drivers can find the available parking spot easily
  • Narrowing target audience so that the solution can be catered to specific needs (ie: hospitals, schools, etc)
  • Increase customer experience via expanding the solution to different platforms
  • Increase the scalability of the solution to different different cities
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