Parking payment fine Finding a parking space in Berlin is a task in itself. But the real pain starts later. Predicting the time that you will be parked for, per-paying for the spot at the parking meter and extending your ticket if you exceed the time is a hassle. We aim to provide an efficient parking payment solution with Parking Insider.

What it does

Maintains a mobile wallet dedicated for dynamic parking payment. Auto deducts payment for parking based on location data and time stamp. Enables paying per minute. Provides a reward system for validating free parking spaces nearby.

How we built it

We are using Daimler's parking database to co-relate this data and identify the parking zone . For the MVP, we are using the dbapi to produce last transactions with the mobile wallet.

Challenges we ran into

Incomplete database for verification False detection of parking spaces Parking in illegal spaces

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solving a problem relevant to every car owner in every major city. Application builds parking database for Daimler. Free parking space detector is an immediate spin-off. Scaleable product.

What we learned

team building, leadership, ideation, validation, work distribution, creativity

What's next for Park Insider

Full fledged parking payment solutions, Expansion to other brands and cities, Spin-off- parking heatmap for the city.

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