Our take on decarbonization is to do it one step at the time. We would like to start it with providing a mutually beneficial platform for parking and charging electrical cars using renewable energy.

What it does

Finding a parking place is always a challange. Finding one with a charger is even harder. MAdditionally, we would like to power the charger with renewable energy. Park-E provides a platform which can help the cities, green home owners, energy generators and electrical car owners to increase decarbonization.

How We built it


  • .Net back-end
  • Angular2 front-end
  • CityIQ APIs
  • Predix Developer Kit
  • Predix Times Series
  • Predix-UI components
  • Predix UAA
  • github

Challenges We ran into

  • CityIQ APIs are not stable
  • Predix UI components not compatible with Angular2 and Chrome
  • Predix Developer Network not stable

Accomplishments that We are proud of

  • end-to-end integration: parking place availability sensor to front-end

What We learned

  • Predix Developer Kit
  • using Predix Tool Kit
  • using Predix UI components
  • inter-connecting multiple Predix applicaions and services

What's next for Park-E

  • parking place booking
  • energy demand forecasting
  • integrate with ERP systems
  • integration with billing systems

Built With

  • .net
  • angular-2
  • predix-developer-kit
  • predix-machine
  • predix-uaa
  • predix-ui
  • timeseries
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