One of our team members, Daniel, worked as a financial advisor and often needed to implement rebalances on satellite portfolios. This always involved breaking out a pen, paper, and calculator. "Surely there must be a better way" he thought.

What it does

Parity Portfolio is a tool to help rebalance portfolios. By inputting their current portfolio allocation and selecting one of the preset target portfolios, users can quickly see and read how much their portfolios have drifted. Parity Portfolio will also display trades to place per each of the four designated asset class.

How we built it

Python, Flask, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, SQLite / SQLAlchemy

Challenges we ran into

Version control, merging, deploying to Heroku

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team communication, delegation of duties, project scope, debuggin, app styling

What we learned

  • Emily – SQLite, Flask
  • Jaime – More JavaScript, SQLite, “how much my front-end skills need work”
  • Daniel – HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Richie – Flask, SQLAlchemy, a bit of JavaScript, and “I need to learn Git badly”

What's next for Parity Portfolio

More UI improvements, allowing users to reload any of their prior portfolio data

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