The context

Parity was my main project while I was at Squarespace in 2018. I designed and built it end-to-end off of a provided problem statement. This was my first time using React.

The problem: the design and development teams for the core UI components library spend a lot of time meeting and syncing on different component specs and their updates/progress. There was a desire for a system that could keep developers and designers more in touch without constant ad-hoc communication.

The project

Parity evolved over three iterations. Each was built with React but is implemented into a different system. Each iteration integrates with either DSM, the design management system, or Storybook, the component implementation directory.

1) Design Preview, a Storybook addon that pulls up-to-date relevant mocks from DSM to be displayed to developers during component development.

2) Synopsis, a standalone Sketch plugin that reads component mocks from the current file and shows a live directory of the related components.

3) Parity, an agnostic web app framework that generates a directory to connect two libraries of items w/ many-to-many relationships. The framework also provides a CMS for managing the connections. I developed a configuration specifically for linking our component mocks with their live implementations.

My final presentation of the project can be seen here. Without context, the slides might not make any sense... But there are at least some screencasts of the old iterations!

Built With

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