Due to the Corona pandemic, families now face special challenges. Worldwide parents are struggling with the same problems: Living a "normal" everyday life in times like these. They try to reconcile childcare, household and home office, but often lack tips and tools for day-to-day planning and organisation. Parents often ask themselves the following questions: How can I keep my child occupied? What games can I offer my child? What should I cook for dinner? What do I do if my child has a tantrum? What can I do if my child does not know how to discharge his or her energy? What can I do myself to avoid becoming upset? How do I structure/plan my day? How do I balance work and taking care of my child? Currently, parents have to fight their way through many different family blogs and social media sites to get these questions answered, therefore we want to use modern technology. We want to create a virtual place that provides them with these answers quickly, in a bundled and clear way, and at the same time offers them the opportunity to exchange ideas with other parents.


Our goal is to create an app that helps to get through this time more calm and relaxed. It aims to provide creative ideas such as keeping the children occupied, create a structure for the new everyday life, offer solutions for difficult situations, enable parents to exchange ideas with each other according to the motto: " by parents for parents ". In short, parents will find everything they need combined in one place in the app. The unique aspect of the app will be that users will be able to help shape the content themselves: Creative ideas and tips that they come up with in the rather unusual situation with their children at home can be posted in the app and evaluated by the community. In this way we want to build an active, committed family community.

The concept

Our app provides everything parents need during the Corona pandemic. The app consists of 7 tiles with different functions. It has a "children's room" where parents can find games and activities depending on the subject (e.g. handicrafts, nature, exercise) and age of the child(ren). In the "quiet little place" parents can take a break, e.g. by doing breathing exercises guided by the app. At the "kitchen window" parents can find ideas for cooking, baking and preparing snacks, which can be done by parents without children or together with the children. The "front door" area is for communication between parents. This is where parental challenges can be described and discussed and solutions can be worked out together. The "family dining table" offers parents the opportunity to structure the day and week of the whole family using a calendar function. On "Balcony" parents can get inspiration for the holiday in their home. The "fire alarm" helps parents in difficult situations and also displays all important telephone numbers when help is needed. The app is designed in such a way that it will continue to be a support and exchange platform for parents even after the pandemic.

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