ParentLack A secure system to keep track of friends and family who are driving in dangerous places and/or times.


Our insipiration came from our loving "helicopter" parents who love us and always want to know where we are, what we are doing, and if we are safe. With safety and security being part of our nature, as well as driving part of our nurture, we decided to create a safety system which uses an iOS car tracker app.

What it does

The system allows the 'driver', the user driving the car, to setup up an account. Where on the car's console they are able to control who they allow they track them; this is done through a two-key authetication progress where a token is sent to a user to track the driver. The user who obtains the token, the 'guardian', is able to track the movement's of the car through a mobile app. In this case, we created an iOS app to demostrate the features the guardian has. For example, while able to see the exact geographic location on a map, they are able to add a boundary over the map so that once the child drives past the boundary the guardian is alerted with a push notification. Like the boundary, there is also a 'curfew' time that could be set, and if the driver is out past that time, the guardian would again recieve a notification. As of now, at any time, either of the users on either end can diable whether they want to be tracked by a guardian/track a driver.

How we built it

We separated our hack into its 3 parts. The first was the iOS app that was the guardian. We built the iOS app using the Esri GIS api. The second was the driver (vehicle) side, where we were able to get the realtime GPS coordinates that would be sent to the guardian. The final was the server that collected and decided what info to send to either of the first two parts of the hack.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to implement so many more ideas into this hack, but couldn't get around to doing all of them because they were too complex for the limited amount of time we had to build this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our whole project, but in particular getting to work on Esri in an iOS mobile app, and getting realtime live data from a General Motors console unit (emulator) which had various sets of datapoints which we could have implemented into our project.

What we learned

You have to plan out everything you want to do. There are some things that you think are simple to complete and initalize, but they are the ones that end up with the most problems that have to be dealt with. Also

What's next for ParentLock

ParentLock, while targeted to parents, isn't just for them. It allows anyone to be able to keep track of someone they know given that the person allows them to be tracked by their friend or family member. After the hackathon we all plan on increasing the features of the API's, to see which of their features could be implemented into the system we've built.

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