We understand that WFH limits our capacity to network and our capacity to meet new interesting people in our ecosystem and cities. Hopefully, technology allows us to make video calls and interact with people regardless of their location. Nevertheless, something is missing in this puzzle. We need to meet the RIGHT people and using the vast social media platforms is not good enough.

What it does

The platform aim at creating curated professional connections that help each one of us get to know each other, develop our professional career, asking for council/help or bringing fresh new air to our projects/objectives. For now, the interaction aims at being 100% online via video (not sure whether we need to build a video platform too, there are a lot fo clients already). The added-value is on the matching algorithm, by scrapping the website for profiles and interests and merging with the private information in the platform, we think a curated match is possible.

How we built it

The initial idea surges because of a friend trying to connect with relevant people on his industry and how difficult and inconvenient it was to use cold introduction via Linkedin. There we realized, that more than ever, in #covid-19 times, this platform would mean the world to these professionals.

From the technical perspective, we separated the Front-End and the back-End and started developing both. We have taken care of the registration process while the login area is being designed at the moment. As of now, each task is assigned to a member and we run using SCRUM methodology.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge so far has been within the team workload. Because we live in different geographies, everything is taken care of online and this requires great coordination. The future challenges will have to do with the data analysis and better accuracy of our results.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Deploying an MVP in two days to test the traction. We have worked behind the clock to have a viable solution in which visitors can already sign up. We are proud of having reached this stage and the interest we have earned within the different professionals.

What we learned

From a technical perspective:

  • We have learned how to implement React to create the Front-End.
  • We have learned how to build a database using a query language
  • How to make stateless application
  • More coming...

From a team perspective:

  • How to work in different geographies and coordinate efforts.
  • How to iterate quickly and give constructive feedback to each other

What's next for Parentesi

The next big topic for us will be the analysis of the data inputted by our registered users and the data available publicly. By using techniques in the AI and ML fields we aim to make curated matches between partners and run the most productive interactions between our members.

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