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Parent Peace allows parents to setup zones where their children can be in. The child / parent devices are connected, and the parent is alerted audibly and visually if the child leaves the activity zone. The entire process is streamlined to be simple during device setup.

How it uses the Magnet interactive scenarios

This is a very interesting approach to User-to-User communication. In this case, the "user" is a phone, and not a person! The phones connect to a chat room with a secure UUID, and then exchange messages over that channel. This very conveniently solves the device-device communication challenge. Chat rooms are cleaned up on exit.

Why it's awesome

Parents can now have more freedom when watching their children. Most children (old enough to not be watched constantly) have cell phones, and Parent Peace uses that to the parent's advantage.

Another really cool feature is that the app generates a secure random UUID, and allows the devices to be tethered by using a QR code. This means that instead of putting the burden of coming up with a secure chat room name on the user, that they have to type; they can now simply scan a QR code (all in app) and become connected!


Please contact for a app invitation. This is an iOS app and can not be easily shared via a url.

2 iPhones are required to use this app. A simulator is not enough, for the child device, because simulators can not have QR code readers. However, the parent app can be a simulator.

Parent / Child device usage instructions are below.

Parent Usage

  1. The parent clicks "Setup parent device"
  2. The parent inputs the activity zone by tapping on the map in a polygon
  3. A QR code appears on the parent app
  4. [see child usage for scanning the QR code]
  5. The QR code goes away and a map comes up. The map will change based on where the child device is located (in or out of range)
  6. The device receives an audible alert when out of range

Child Usage

  1. The parent app is setup with the QR code up
  2. "Setup child device"
  3. Scan the parent/child devices together
  4. The device receives an audible alert when out of range

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