Our Co-Founder & CTO Ian was frustrated with the UX for virtual real estate users. It was difficult to get a full picture of metaverse land listings given 1) fragmentation across marketplaces, 2) OpenSea not offering a map view, and 3) seemingly random valuations.

What it does

Parcel aggregates virtual land listings across different marketplaces and metaverses, all with an interactive map while you browse. Users can also see a holistic portfolio view of their metaverse NFTs and where the parcels in their wallet are located on the map (think Zapper for real estate NFTs).

How we built it

React, OpenSea API & multiple subgraphs to pull together listings across four different metaverses. Reconstructed maps for each metaverse.

Challenges we ran into

1) Recreating maps of unique size & shape. There are very limited toolkits for building maps of non-Earth geography. 2) Pulling data directly from the blockchain. Enter: subgraphs!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our speed. In the last 5 weeks we've built most of the MVP and grown an organic community following. 400+ Twitter followers and 100+ Discord members, all organic growth of metaverse users (no influencers used).

What's next for Parcel

Building our own marketplace. Offering financial services for virtual real estate users. Becoming the hub for virtual real estate users, investors, developers, builders, designers, you name it!

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