• Many students don't have the privilege of paid tutors or help with their SAT / Exam preperation and have to go through really long resources and waste a lot of time in doing so

  • Many educators too, don't have access to quality research resources or money to hire research assistants to help with their research.

  • The main factor is how much time is wasted due to these issues

  • All this, directly impacts the quality of education

What it does

ParaTools is an app that takes a paragraph as an input and gives you the choice to perform the following functions :

(You can also enter a URL and it will extract the main text from the website)

  • Convert the text to audio so that you can hear how it sounds

  • Return a User friendly summary of the whole paragraph

    • You can define what percentage of the paragraph length you want your summary to be
    • The summary is in bulleted form for ease of view
  • Provides a chatbot that can answer questions related to your paragraph

  • Provides a customizable Pie chart to see the most used keywords for better visualization of the topic

How we built it

Languages Used

  • Python
  • CSS

NLP (Chatbot + Summarization)

  • NLTK
  • Spacy
  • Scikit-Learn

Text to Speech

  • gTTS API


  • MatplotLib


  • Streamlit

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a fully working app that was better than I had initially expected
  • Hosting it online for anyone to use free of cost

What's next for ParaTools

  • I'll try to improve the get text from URL feature so that it can extract text better from webpages

Built With

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