We are young and curious technologists who are fascinated by virtual and augmented reality, and are seeking to develop our design, engineering and problem solving skills. As aspiring innovators, we are constantly seeking new ways to develop our creative thought process. The NewWave CodeAThon centered around healthcare applications of virtual and augmented reality seemed like an excellent opportunity for us pursue these endeavors.

By combining our various expertise and experiences, we conjured the idea of supplementing the natural vision of medical emergency first responders with digital indicators that will help expedite treatment procedures. This application takes the notion of "life and death", and curbs it by saving time and reducing confusion. For instance, if a first responder is needed to resuscitate a patient who may have a condition that calls for a nonstandard/alternative procedure to do so, the responder may not know how to best address the circumstance.

By leveraging Unity, Visual Studio, the HoloLens and experimenting with a few APIs, we managed to whip together a proof of concept application that we will be demonstrating.

We ran into multiple challenges and errors through the development stages of the application; example, during programming, we had problems with figuring out which APIs to use in conjunction with our project in order for certain types and names to function properly. Another challenge was

I'm proud of how we tackled the unknowns of developing on an AR platform, and actually getting something to compile that we feel confident enough to present and compete with, despite our diminutive knowledge of augmented reality.

I learned that no platform is too hard to tackle if you know the basics of software engineering, and are willing to work diligently. Most importantly, taking the time to learn, reflect, and discuss goes a long way.

We might consider purchasing a HoloLens and continuing development extracurricularly!

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