Paragonizator is a tool that helps users to control their everyday's shopping. It containes three main parts: mobile app, central database and browser bases web interface. Mobile app has a function of OCR scanning paper receipts and thus allows users to track the way the spend money. The second idea is to upload prices and product information to central database and make them anonymously available to other users. Thanks to that everybody can compare prices of their favourite products in the local area. They can make their own shopping lists and program will suggest which shops exactly they need to visit. User has also the ability to limit search area and set maximum number of shops. Browser application is designed to show user's own statistics of purchases, changes of products prices and visualise actual data from the neighbourhood.

Paragonizer can be used be everybody who want to wants to spend less money on everyday's shopping. It's power lays in crowdsourcing, so the more user it has the better it becomes.

We're really proud of OCR module, which works quite well, considering the problem difficulty and time we spend on developing it.

Have you wondered where all your money go? Would like to know where in the nearest neighbourhood you can buy you favourite beer cheaper? Paragonizator is there for you!

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