We wanted a way for people to share their items in collections online in an easy way, so that people could show their items and discover other peoples items of interest and create a strong community between people with similar items where they can each individually share and discover similar interests.

What it does

Our mission at Paragon is to provide our users with a reliable system to showcase and explore items online, have access to an unlimited picture inventory and engage and network with people in the online community.

How we built it

We began by building an android app with the use of android studio in addition to creating a progressive web app with the use of angular, firebase and ionic 4. We implemented Cloud Fire Store, Google Oauth2,

Challenges we ran into

Despite us being able to get passed preliminary stages of development, there existed a few bugs that prevented us from completing the project in its entirety. Working with the firebase cloud functions in addition to cloud fire store also proved to be a challenge in the creation of the progressive web-app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successful integration with many aspects of firebase, angular, android studio and ionic 4. Lots of knowledge and development experience gained as well as an increased ability to problem solve and deal with inevitable occurrences of bugs. We also learned the wonders of google-fu.

What we learned

We learned how to work and communicate as a group, by sharing ideas and finding out what strengths each member of the group has. We were able to learn new coding techniques, improve on time management, and how to make a creative idea come to become a real usable app.

What's next for Paragon

Allowing a way to purchase an item off listings that are purchasable either through a personal seller listing or a link to where to also buy the item. Add a way to integrate other programs to be compatible with Paragon to

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