At this very moment, a difficult situation is unfolding all around the world: COVID-19, Riots, fires. With all of this creating chaos, business owners face a lot of problems: sales are falling, confusion arises within their staff and they get a lot of headaches. We NEED to help them.

What it does

Nothing, and, at the same time - everything :^)

Challenges we ran into

Basically every step we made. There we a lot of hard parts while creating an app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pitching on a different language, A whole app in 1 night, Landing web-site, Working Telegram bot.

What we learned

Serverless backend on GraphQL, New experience with Amazon Technologies, Pitching using English languages, A lot of new Designing Experience :^)

What's next for Paradox

Everything! We plan to really improve our project. This hack is a business multi tool which in the near future will contain loads of useful features: money accounting, payments, statistics, useful info for business owners - you name it. And finally, everything is covered with a nice layer of modern-styled UI.

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