Inspiration: Michael and Linda are passionate about education and advocacy of technology. We were inspired to create a comprehensive code school that created both free and lower-cost opportunities.

What it does: Our website provides resources and coursework for all skill levels. We want to expand and develop future leaders in tech by creating a fun, affordable way to learn critical skills.

How we built it: We build the website using HTML, CSS & Bootstrap to start. We worked to add the Eventbrite API to make all local events searchable.

Challenges we ran into: Working with APIs was a challenge. We were unable to link the Eventbrite API to our site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Ideating a problem and coming up with a solution.

What we learned: Michael learned HTML & CSS. Linda was able to deepen her understanding of HTML, CSS & Bootstrap as well as online course creation.

What's next for Paradise Code Camp: Growing a network of professionals who share our passion.

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