Smartphones and tablets have permeated daily use, arguably faster than any previous technology. Startlingly, no one has yet to make good use of that fact, in that no one has yet to make use of the ubiquity of mobile computing to solve challenges. We have more computational power just sitting around in our pockets than NASA had when sending men to the moon, and the number of active smartphones, as well as their respective computational powers, will only increase. Paradigm is an attempt to make good use of the ubiquity of smartphones, by building what is (to my knowledge) the world's first ever mobile distributed computing network. Distributed computing is currently handled by running several high-performance servers in parallel; imagine a similar approach, just replace the few servers with millions of smartphones and tablets. Eventually this could turn into a platform where researchers or organizations use the network to do data analysis, run simulations, essentially anything requiring time-consuming or high-throughput tasks.

This project consists of both a web front and backend and a mobile app. The name Paradigm comes from the "para" of parallel computing and the hope that it causes it a paradigm shift in distributed computing.

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