I have friends that always need my help with their startups, but I never have the time to help. I wanted to automate delegating the work they want me to do by creating a protocol for easily finding someone else to do the job, and giving them the instructions on how to do it.

What it does

It saves my protocols and hiring requirements, and then when a friend needs that type of employee, It automatically posts a job upwork via api. In that job description is a link to a cognitive testing suite that tests candidates (skill, intelligence, personality), and if they pass, it adds the protocols for the job to their asana account so they can start working without much time spent from myself or my friend.

How I built it

Asana api, django, heroku, vuejs, postgres.

Challenges I ran into

Upwork takes 3 days to verify its api accounts, so I couldnt set that up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Asana upload part works

What I learned

What's next for paracord

Oauth so I dont need my friends asana api key, better UX, allow friends to save their own protocols, user accounts.

Built With

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