I was sitting in my grade 10 math class having trouble visualizing parabolas. In computer science class, we were learning a language called Processing, which is an open source language that allows people to create interactive art using code. I then had the idea to create a piece of software that allows students to better understand parabolas and their equations.

What it does

It helps to show parabolas in three different forms, with easy to use sliders, while displaying the equation.

How I built it

I used the open source language called Processing.

Challenges I ran into

I had performance issues, since at first, I found it difficult to draw accurate parabolas without taking performance hits. I had to use clever and efficient programming along with problem-solving skills to make the application efficient.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of how well structured the program is despite its complexity. This was one of my first programming projects and it definitely helped me to improve my programming skills.

What I learned

I learned that making good software takes careful planning and organizing, instead of just typing up code to suit ideas that come to mind.

What's next for Parabola help

One weakness of the application is definitely its design. The next step for improving it would be to try different styles of buttons and sliders to make the application more visually appealing.

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